About rooms and direct messages

There are two types of chats on RocketChat:

  1. Rooms (Channels and Private Groups) are where multiple people chat with each other.
  2. Direct Messages are where only two people exchange private chat messages.


These are open-access group chats.  You don’t need to be invited to a channel to join it and you can view which channels exist by clicking on ‘More channels…’ from the left sidebar.

Private Groups

Multiple people can join Private Groups but they must either create them and then invite others or be invited to specific groups by team members.  Private Groups let you chat with specific people and they only show up in the left sidebar if you are a member of them.

Direct Messages

DMs are private conversations between you and just one other team member – you can DM any team member and maintain a conversation which can only be viewed by the two of you.

Updated on March 21, 2017

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