Add Giphy to your RocketChat

Yes, its time to get excited because we’re going to teach you how to add animated gifs to your RocketChat – its really easy and only takes a minute 🙂

When its all setup, you’ll have a command to type into any message which automagically loads a relevant gif and displays it right there in chat.

Note: This method/code was developed by the fine folks @ Finndrop

Download Script

Download GifRocket.js from GitHub here.

Configure an outgoing Webhook in RocketChat

In your RocketChat instance go to administration panel an click on “Integrations”.

To add an integration with BitRocket click on “NEW INTEGRATION”.

Next, choose “Outgoing WebHook”.

Event Trigger – Message Sent

Now, on the webhook config screen, set the following values:

Enabled – Set this value to true/yes

Name (optional) – Enter the desired name for the integration (e.g. “GifRocket”).

Channel – Self-explaining option. Insert the desired channel which should be listened.

Trigger Words – Set the trigger words on which the command should be fired. You have to set !gif,!sticker in here. Every time you write !gif or !sticker, everything after that string will be pushed to Giphy.

URLs – In this field you must enter

Send as – In this field you should define the user who sends the found gif. This is the user you defined earlier.

Script active – This value must be true

GifRocket Script – Now insert the complete code of the file GifRocket.js into this field.

Now click on “SAVE CHANGES” and you’re done!

Updated on April 12, 2017

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