Formatting messages


Get your point across and express your personality – embolden anything with *asterisks*, _italicize_ with underscores or strikethrough with ~tildas~.


To create a list simply press SHIFT and ENTER to create new lines – for each, add a number or ‘-‘ sign or whatever you’d like to create a custom style of lists.


To indent/quote text simply add ‘>’ before your message

Blocks of Code

You can use backticks to mark code – which formats whatever you surround with a grey box

  1. One single backtick on either side of text will format it inline
  2. Three backticks on either side will display a multi-line block.

If you enter URLs directly into a message they will automatically link.  Sometimes you might simply want to make some text link to a website/email address etc… To do this, type something like [Check out this website](

Updated on March 23, 2017

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