How to use emoji

Its unlikely that you’ve not heard about emoji before – they are the fun little graphical icons of happy faces and zillion other things you can type on your smart phone and also in your RocketChat messages!

Typing Emoji

If you’re quick with a keyboard then simply type :word: into the message entry area and it’ll automagically return a list of emoji to choose from.

Choosing Emoji Visually

Search or select emoji Choose from recently used Emoji Change the skin tone of your emoji
Change the skin tone of your emoji

When you click on the happy face icon in the message entry area at the bottom of your screen you see a cool little emoji selector which lets you:

  • Search for an emoji by name
  • Select an emoji by looking at a bunch of them organized by theme
  • Choose from recently used emoji
  • Change the skin tone of certain emoji (like a thumbs up)

Make them bigger!

If all you enter in your message is emoji they will look bigger than in messages with text.

Updated on March 23, 2017

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